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Ischia Island | Sleeps 2

The Aragonese Castle, the most impressive historical monument of Ischia, stands on a volcanic rock connected to the island by a bridge built in 1438 by Alfonso of Aragon. The Castle, overlooking the vast horizon of the sea, was originally built as a castrum in 474 BC by Gerone of Siracusa and, after a long period of abandonment, reached its golden period during the fourteenth century.
Under the Aragonese dynasty, it became a political, cultural and spiritual centre of notable interest. The Renaissance court of the noble poet Vittoria Colonna, saw the peak of the castle's splendor, but also the beginning of its decline, which was to last more than a century.


Canonica Maggiore sleeps 2 in 1 bedroom and 1 bathroom and a kitchenette. It is air conditioned.


Canonica Maggiore is accessed through a courtyard. Maggiore features: a renovated kitchenette with a four-burner stove, basin, fridge and dishwasher, a large double bedroom with ensuite bathroom (shower). In this bedroom there is a French door/window offering great views over the bay and a small balcony with a view, too.

The castle walls houses churches, courtyards, antique archways, terraces, gardens and arcades with outstanding views of the sea, the peninsula, the harbour of Ischia and the wide horizon in the distance. This unique location contains four holiday apartments and a small hotel.


A lift connects the entrance of the Castle to the top, approximately 80 m above sea level, where the apartments are situated. Each apartment has its own independent entrance through an ancient courtyard. The four units have been recently renovated by the owner, son of a famous artist, whose paintings grace the apartment walls. All have windows and outdoor spaces with unforgettable views. Apartment guests enjoy many hotel services from the adjacent hotel, including porter and concierge services and hotel terrace dining.


Not suitable to people with walking difficulties. The castle is perched above the water therefore could be dangerous for children, who have to be under adult supervision.

The entire Castello can itself sleep 40 people and can be rented for weddings and other special events.

Parking is a big problem in the island, we recommend not to bring your car in the island, where frequent buses as well as a taxi service make it easy to get around the island without a car. Scooters can be rented.

Transfer service is highly recommended (taxi from the Naples airport or train station to the hydrofoil, the hydrofoil ticket to Ischia, and a taxi from the Ischia waterfront to the castle) and it has to be prearranged.

The guests of the apartment enjoy hotel services from the adjacent hotel, including porter and concierge services and hotel terrace dining. The hotel concierge can give invaluable help in booking ferries to nearby Capri or Naples or renting cars or scooters, as well as information about Ischia's attractions.

Ischia, Capri, Procida and Vivara are known as the Partenopean island of the bay of Naples. Ischia, Procida and Vivara lie to the north of the gulf, while Capri lies to the south, facing the peninsula of Sorrento. The typically Mediterranean climate of Ischia is dry and warm, with temperatures sometimes reaching 35° during the months of July and August. Dominated by Mount Epomeo (789 mt.asl), the island is scattered with many other hilly features, often separated by valleys and gullies that create a suggestive and sinuous landscape and is enriched with both chestnut and oak woods and low vegetation. The island's circumnavigation is about 39 km.

The island is famous for its spa waters and hot springs. Ischia's spa mineral water is obtained from underground tanks which collect the rainfalls.

The natural rainfall seeps into earth and collects in tanks which are warmed by hot springs lying in the depths of the ground. Water turns into steam and rises to the surface where more tanks are thus warmed, creating what is known as thermo-mineral water. The temperature of these mineral waters can go from 15C° and 86C°, therefore cold to ipothermal and thermal to hyper thermal.

Tip: The hot baths at Negombo, in the Bay of S. Montano, near Lacco Ameno in the north-west of the island, are particularly chic: the facilities are well cared for and there are many different pools, as well as an attractive bay, surrounded by almost African flora, with palm trees and a wealth of flowering trees and bushes (opened from April to October)The hot baths, appreciated by the Romans, explain why the Ischian coast is so popular with visitors from all over the world. Last but not least: the hot springs explain the special climate on the island - they provide mild weather all year round.




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