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Composition of party

1. The property can accommodate a maximum of 16 persons in the main house. Two additional double bedrooms and two living rooms, detached from the main house may be occupied by guests or staff required by the client at additional cost for a total number of 20 people.
2. Passport numbers of all members of your party must be provided for Italian police registration.
3. Dogs are welcome on condition they are not taken in the swimming pool. An extra charge of 50 euro a week will be asked for each of your pets. You are kindly required to control your pets in order to avoid damage to people or things. The green areas around the house should be kept clean.
4. Local tax: 1 euro/person. Children up to 11 years of age do not pay.
5. Any party or event to be held in Poggio Mori, especially if it implies interventions on the property of any kind or the employment of extra professionals using the property must be allowed by the owners. It is not included in the cost for the ordinary use of the property and cannot involve more than 30 total guests.

Check-in, deposit, and check-out

1. Check-in is between 5:00pm and 7:00pm. Please advise the agency and/or the owner of your expected time of arrival and if you are delayed for any reason.
2. At check-in, a walk-through will be carried out with the guests and a representative of the house to explain all operations, contents and facilities of the house.
3. Check-out is by 10:30am. Charges for any additional services or damage to the property are to be paid no later than check-out.
4. Check-in and check-out in different hours depend on availability, so must be promptly communicated to the owner. Early check-in could not be accepted if not communicated on time.
5. On the day of departure, additional costs could be charged in case the house will be left excessively dirty. The charge 50 euro per extra cleaning hour.

Damage Deposit

A damage deposit will be blocked by the agency from the credit card. Within four days from the departure day the damage deposit will be refunded entirely or reduced by the cost of any damage that might have been caused to the property and not immediately reported.
Notified damage are to be paid at the end of the stay.

Included costs

1. Buffet breakfast from 8:30 am to 10:30 am every week day and on Sundays. It is a basic breakfast, including some cooked plates, the cook is available until 10,45. After that hour buffet is still open until 11,30. Extra requests, such as international food- salmon, i.e. - or packaged gluten free food are not included.
2. The general cleaning of interiors and bedrooms is carried out 7 days per week from 9:30 am to 12:30 pm or for 3 hours in different time frame. In case you prefer not to be disturbed or have specific requirements, please contact us the day before by WhatsApp or SMS to the number + 39 334.3398954. In case you prefer a house keeper or a different service, please book it through agency in advance.
3. Linen change once a week. Towel change, including pool towels, every morning. Please help us to save water and electricity for the benefit of the environment by leaving the dirty linen and towel on the floor if you want them to be changed.
4. The Suite ‘East’ is provided with a washing machine, a dryer and an iron for your own use.
5. Pool cleaning daily, final cleaning of the house, and grounds;
6. Wi-Fi Internet access throughout the grounds, flat screen TV, smart audio video system, I-Pad, PC, fax and print.
7. Every room is supplied with an I-Pad which controls lights and TV. You can enter the control panel by an application called Symphony, following the instruction card provided.
8. In every room there is a speaker which can be connected through Bluetooth to your smart phone to play your own music. There are also 2 external speakers to be used in the pool and gym areas.
9. An internal telephone line will allow you to call each room.
10. Fitness equipment, swimming pool, tennis court, bocce court, some bikes, sauna and Turkish bath.
11. Shaded car parking, 100 meters from the house and close to the house.
12. Cots and high chairs
13. Safes. Please, follow the instructions for the safe carefully. If by mistake you cannot open it, do not try repeatedly or it could stop. Remember to note down the code and keep it with you.

Services at additional cost

1. Professional laundry can be arranged. Service to and from the off-site laundry is given upon request at 20 € plus the cost of laundry, proved by written receipt.
2. Laundry for normal washing can be done in Poggio Mori upon request at 15 € per hour.
3. We can go shopping for the guests, to pre stock the villa before they arrive. The cost of shopping proved by written receipts plus 50 euro.
4. Additional maid service, such as additional change of sheets, ironing, helping with washing up during/after meals prepared by the guests, is charged at 15 Euros per hour.
5. Private professional chef or a local traditional cook can be provided upon request. Menu and price can be defined before the arrival with the collaboration of the agency. Accounts will be finalized at the end of each week;
6. A house keeper service is available on request at charge.
7. Each bicycle in addition to the ones offered by Poggio Mori.
8. A maximum of 2 extra beds for children up to 8 years old. (150 euro each per week).
9. Private cooking lessons.
10. On site massages and wellness treatment, with the professional staff of local ‘Terme’.
11. Our products: wine, oil, fresh fruit and vegetables and preserves are available.
12. Personal trainer
13. Nordic walking, tennis and yoga lessons
14. Nursemaid is available upon request;
15. Walking tours

All extra charges will be paid at the end of the stay to the owner representative. Please, book any service in advance


1. A varied buffet breakfast is included free of charge.
2. On the bookshelf of the main hall, you can find a list of tested excellent restaurants nearby Poggio Mori. Please, feel free to contact the staff in case you need help. Please, cancel any reservations at the restaurant the day before, especially if you book through Poggio Mori. Poggio Mori is not responsible for the damage required by the restaurant owners, in case you do not advise them in due time.
3. A personal chef (professional or local cook) could be provided in case you prefer to have your meals at Poggio Mori. The cost of the service is per person and depends on the type of meal requested. It includes shopping, cooking, cleaning and wait at the table. Beverages not included.

Care and Use of Property

1. The pool season is from May 1st to October 15th, weather permitting; During your stay the pool is closed every evening from 7:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. and on Tuesday and Friday evenings for cleaning and maintenance.
2. Diving is not allowed in the pool;
3. Please be very careful during use of the pool by adults, children, and/or infants. Personnel do not supervise the pool. You will find the pool rules near the swimming pool; please read them.
4. Near the pool edge the use of unbreakable glasses is advisable in order to avoid very expensive cleaning of the pool or damage to people.
5. Children should be supervised at all times while playing in the garden, in the pool, in the fields or near the pond to avoid injuries;
6. Wellness areas: the use of equipment and services at Poggio Mori Wellness Areas is at guests’ own risk. Children under 14, adults with heart problems cannot use sauna, steam room and the multifunctional fitness machine.
7. The multifunctional room, in front of the farmhouse, is open only for breakfast in the morning or on request for special occasions.
8. Guests are to keep all windows and doors secure at night and when away from the property;
9. Please ensure the main gate and service gate are closed when not in use;
10. Any damage or loss to the property is to be reported to a member of the staff immediately. Damage will be evaluated by the owner, or representative of the owner, and charged accordingly. You are kindly requested to avoid any ‘do it yourself’ repair.
11. Any malfunctioning of any of the house items should be reported immediately to the staff, so it can be resolved as quickly as possible. You are kindly requested to avoid any ‘do it yourself’ repair.
12. Toilets cannot be used for the disposal of any sort of material other than toilet paper;
13. Apart from mosquito nets, before the guest’s arrival we do all the best to keep animals and insects away from the house: deep cleaning and disinfection. Please remember you are in the countryside. So do not keep windows and door open for long.
14. Water and electricity in Italy are precious resources. Please use them sparingly;
15. Fires - This is a forested area and becomes very dry in summer. Lighting fires is prohibited by law during the summer months. Under no circumstances should fires be lit.
16. There are fire extinguishers all over the property.
17. Entertaining – No more than 30 guests are allowed at any one time, after the owners’ approval. Larger parties are strictly forbidden.
18. I-pads, TVs, Hi-fi and video equipment, as well as children’s toys, are provided for your enjoyment. Please use responsibly.
19. Every year all the house is treated with ozone purification.

Air conditioning

The air conditioning is a combined system, consisting of an underfloor chill water piping with additional fan coils, in each room. The complexity of this system requires it to be preset and adjusted by the staff only.
Because of the air conditioning you do not need to open windows or external doors. It is in fact suggested to keep them closed, in order to save up energy and prevent hot air to come in during the day hour, interfering with the system. Anyway, in case you need fresh air, we suggest you briefly open the windows, which are protected by mosquito nets.
Regrettably smoking is not allowed anywhere in the house, pursuant to the Art. 51 of 3/2003 Act by Italian Law. An extra cost from 500 to 1000 euro for the ozone purification of the house will be charged. Outdoor you are kindly requested to use the available ashtrays.


In the event that anyone in your party becomes seriously ill, or needs medical attention, please inform the staff and call 118 immediately. A list of useful phone numbers (police, ambulance, etc.) can be found in the bureau shelf in the living room.

Owner’s liability

1. The owner of the property and the staff are not responsible in any way for any personal injury incurred by anyone in your party within the property or its grounds, especially if due to behaviour which is inappropriate or not in accordance to Poggio Mori rules. This includes the use of the pool. Be aware that you are in the countryside and that you may encounter different flora and fauna, including some potentially dangerous animals. If walking outside, please be careful and wear proper shoes.
2. The owner and staff are not responsible for any loss or damage to the guests’ valuables or personal items. You are encouraged to use safes in case you bring valuables to the property.
There are safes in the main house where you can put valuables for their safe- keeping. The staff will show you how to select your own password. Remember to note it down and keep it with you.

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