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Estevillas is a resource for owners and agents.
We are neither a rental or travel agency so do not liaise directly with customers.


We help manage an extensive portfolio of high quality properties across a great range from palazzos to villas and more intimate spaces in many areas of Italy and we work with some of the world's top holiday rental agencies.





We take pride in providing a valuable service for agents and have such confidence in our service that you only need pay us when you make a successful booking.

We support your business

• By selecting properties in the best locations and providing you with regularly updated details, photographs and information. We visit our villas many times during the year and have a deep knowledge of the surrounding areas and attractions.

• By providing tailored advice and enhanced information to you, to ensure a high level of customer satisfaction for every booking you make.

• By organising familiarity trips so you and your selling staff can develop a unique knowledge of our properties and the locations where your customers will enjoy their holidays.

• By offering an online updated booking calendar to provide instant information on availability and other details.

• By being on call seven days per week to help and answer your questions.

• By guaranteeing that property owners will not discuss the net rental amount with the client and will not solicit or accept any direct bookings from the client in the future.





Being owners ourselves we have a comprehensive experience of what is involved when renting your own villa.



To support you

• We will free your time by taking responsibility for the many tasks associated with renting your property 

• By working with us your property will become part of a network of reliable agents specialising in holiday rentals in international markets including Europe, the United States, Australia and many other countries 

• We will assist you to achieve the best possible price 

• You can relax because we guarantee payment 

• We will build a partnership with you showing you how to provide the standards customers expect that will bring them back and encourage recommendations

• We will explain how to offer customers exactly what they need for an unforgettable holiday

• We offer our help in case of dispute




With many years experience and thousands of satisfied clients, we at Estevilles know what it takes to create an unforgettable holiday in Italy.


We are proud to say that over many years, we have earned an international reputation for the quality and innovation of our outstanding services.







We began in 1991 when Luisa was looking for opportunities for her own properties in Tuscany and Mantova and working hard to help preserve the historical heritage of her family. Some friends sought her advice on how to transform their estates into holiday homes for tourists.


She began offering a few tips and assisting by supervising restoration and decoration projects and helping them to find their first guests. Word quickly spread and a wonderful adventure began. Assisting owners to adapt their properties to holiday homes for tourists gave her the opportunity to share her passion for Italy and her special knowledge of the country.


After a few years she met Beatrice, an enthusiastic and smart young woman who was an avid traveller with a passion for Italian art, sights, sounds, and tastes.


Beatrice also had a valuable background working with two of the most important holiday rental agents in Philadelphia and Florence and managed her family palazzo near Bologna. Luisa and Beatrice began working together and Estevillas was born.